You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should do them.
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    late night breakdowns are my speciality

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  • 5 things.

    This month I am going to try to focus on the little things. The good things that are coming my way. If you have a fresh outlook on your week it has to go well right? So here it goes, Monday morning and no complaints from this girl.

    1. MY BEST BUD IS HOME FROM GUATEMALA! I’m so excited to hear how her trip was. ☺
    2. Pay day is this week (sorry that isn’t too uplifting..ha)
    3. I get to go fall clothes shopping with Katie this Friday. Scarfs, knee high socks, black leggings, flannels, leather jackets.. Love it!
    4. I get to drive my little brother to his first day of high school! Very excited for him. And thankful I’m not in high school anymore haha.
    5. There is a slight possibility I will be getting a new bike? I haven’t had one in ages! The last one was pink and purple with “SUPERSTAR” plastered on the side. Yeah. I need a new one!

    I reccomend you guys do this as well. If you’re stressed or worried about things you have to do, take time to think about positive things. It can really cheer you up. 💜